How We Met

David and Diana met at Phoenix Landing on April 27, 2012 for a mutual friend’s birthday. David had double booked his evening and was only supposed to stay for a drink, but found Diana so riveting that he ended up staying the whole night to talk to her! He sneakily, or maybe not so sneakily, asked for her number, with the pretense that they would play tennis.

Two weeks later David asked Diana out on their first date to Shabu Zen. During dinner, Diana accidentally ate a super duper infinity spicy pepper, and spent the rest of the dinner whimpering and feeling very embarrassed. This made things much easier for David, who initially, was worried about impressing her.

Diana thought the date went so well that after dinner she invited David to meet her friends. However, Diana forgot to communicate to her friends that David was her date. And her very loyal friends spent the rest of the evening trying to keep David away from Diana, thinking that they needed to save her. David, on the other hand, thought her friends were quite nice because their method of “keeping him away” consisted of talking to him the entire night.

David went home that night and told his roommate that he was going to marry Diana someday.

May 11th, 2015   Somerville, MA



I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.

~ Winnie the Pooh ~

How David Proposed

David had been planning the proposal for several months before he finally asked Diana to marry him on May 11, 2015, the 3rd anniversary of their first date. He tried his best to keep it a secret, but Diana made this basically impossible.

On the day of the proposal, David snuck into Diana’s apartment while she was at work, and decorated it with three dozen flowers (to signify three years), rose petals, and candles. He prepared a romantic dinner for two, and even made the food – shabu, just like their first date! He also bought little costumes for Odie and Ainsley, so that they could participate in the day!

However, Diana had guessed that today could be the day. She knew David would pick a day that had meaning, and the day they first met had already passed, leaving only their anniversary.

So curious Diana followed him on Find My Friends, while he ran frantically around town, preparing for the evening. She even threw him a little curve ball by asking if he had liked the anniversary gift she had sent him, which had been mailed to his office. But David dodged it swiftly, by asking his co-worker to pick up the package and send him a photo of the gift, so that he could pretend that he had opened it himself.

Despite all this, Diana was taken by surprise when she walked through the front door; David had completely transformed her little apartment! Then David got down on one knee and asked Diana if she would make him the happiest man on earth by marrying him. Diana exclaimed ‘Of course!’ and the rest is history.

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

~ C.S. Lewis ~